I have now been going back and forth between Microsoft and Activsion reps, trying to get an explanation of the Xbox Game Ahead Program for Call of Duty: Ghosts. Publisher sends me to platform. Platform sends me to publisher. Stop the PR circle please. The plan is suppose to work like this, you purchase Ghost digitally on the Xbox 360. When the Xbox One launches, you pay $10 and get the Xbox One digital version as well. This has the benefit of allowing you to keep both versions. The in store deals require you to trade the 360 copy in, for those with friends or family not upgrading, this would mean you can no longer play with them. Now the plan sounds all well and good there, but neither Activision or Microsoft have thought ANY of the launch through.

First let us start with the "disc-less dual-license digital version" It was said it will be sold by retailers and contain a code for both version, retailing at $69.99. However Activison has no answer to when it will appear in stores. I quote Activision's own Dan Amrich "I am simply waiting for it to appear". You are what? It is a product from your company, that you don't know the launch date of? That is like NASA saying they are unsure when the Shuttle takes off, "just waiting for it to fly away". This is not the least of the worries though for consumers.


In an effort to still get the deal without the code from the store, you can simply purchase the Xbox 360 copy from Xbox Live on November 5th and then buy the Xbox One copy for $10 before March 31, 2014. However according to Activision, as Microsoft currently offers no digital pre order for either of their consoles, you can't receive the pre order DLC "Freefall" multiplayer map. Before I get into the worst/most ironic part of this whole thing, I will also point out that Micrsoft has no idea when the game will appear in the store other than day one. It should be midnight, that is how game launches work. After comments about pre loading not being available for the launch of the Xbox One, one can assume it won't be available here either. But not knowing what time is insulting your customers. Could be midnight or it could be noon. Regardless you will be waiting hours for the download, enjoy spamming refresh!

For a company that tried to push digital so hard while announcing their new console, this is unacceptable.

Customer: When is it available?

Microsoft: Don't know.

Customer: Do we get the DLC?

Microsoft: Nope.

Customer: Why?

Microsoft: Can't seem to figure out how to let you pre order the game.

You can't ram digital down our throats and then have no plan on how to execute a digital launch. This isn't the first digital launch to ever occur in the history of the world. Look at Steam, look at Sony, hell even look at Origin. They all figured this out. You can too Microsoft, you just only have 7 days to do it, and less if you plan on getting the customers their DLC bonus.


Lastly, please contact them for me as well to try and get this solved, perhaps if a good number of people are asking, someone will think about it for a moment.