Xbox Call of Duty Ghost Digital Version: No Pre Order, No Launch Time?

I have now been going back and forth between Microsoft and Activsion reps, trying to get an explanation of the Xbox Game Ahead Program for Call of Duty: Ghosts. Publisher sends me to platform. Platform sends me to publisher. Stop the PR circle please. The plan is suppose to work like this, you purchase Ghost… »10/29/13 12:06pm10/29/13 12:06pm

Why do we embrace the Season Pass while hating on MP only games?

I don't play the WWE games, but aren't those the most disgusting version of a Season Pass? They announced EXACTLY what you get. Meaning it is done right now. But that they hid the content behind this pay wall because the $60 wasn't enough. Even if we already payed the devs and spent the time to develop it, we need… »10/21/13 10:05pm10/21/13 10:05pm